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What to Do When Life Won’t Relent

As I sit here, thinking of what I was going to say this week, I received some personal news. I won’t give away too many details but it’s a bad illness and it’s happening to a family member. It’s amazing how one item of bad news can instantly wreck an entire week of progress but here I am. In life, we all must sometimes have to deal with bad moments. How we choose to handle the adversity that we come across is up to us. I had really struggled with deciding if I wanted to talk about this or leave the laptop until I felt like writing. However, we can’t let life dictate what we do and how we do it. Sometimes, you will make a decision that leaves your stomach in knots. Other times, you will be faced with a decision without knowing the outcome until days later.

In these times, this is where the mind loves to throw all kinds of hypothetical situations at you, don’t let it. Worrying over things that you have no control over will never help you, take it from someone who did for 30 years. Another piece of advice I have is to let go of grudges. Most of the time, the other party has no idea what the grudge was about and you’ll end up feeling like an idiot. Life might be short but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start living the one you should be today. It’s important that we never get so caught up in our worlds that we forget to let other people into ours. It might feel great to write someone out of life but it can come back to bite you. If someone is holding you back and is genuinely a bad influence, that is another story. However, too often people write off family and friends, over silly squabbles that are meaningless.

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At first, you go a few days without talking to that person and you become used it. Before you know it, five years has gone by and that relationship has soured to a point that is beyond repair. I’ll tell you this, swallowing your pride for five minutes is much easier than carrying a grudge forever, those things can get heavy! One of the best pieces of advice I ever got actually came in the form of an argument with my wife, as odd as that sounds. We were going through a rough patch, as is normal in the first year of marriage. Beyond the usual storm of cursing that we would have, she had told me that I always shut myself off from the world. I was taken aback by her comment, immediately shrugging it off but it got to me. After we had patched things up, I was still thinking about the words that she had said earlier. As I began to do an inventory over the people that I had talked in the last month, I found out there weren’t many.

Plans I had let carry over into the next weekend turned into things that never happened. My way to motivate you this week is by telling you to reach out. Whether it be a family member you haven’t spoken to, a friend that you blew off once too many times, whatever your situation is, just reach out to someone. I’ve been where you are now and it isn’t a good way to live, it will catch up with you. Take a few minutes out of your day and call someone you haven’t in a while. At first, you will feel nervous and hate me for telling you to do this, that’s okay. I promise, by reaching out to one person today that you previously shut out, you will feel much better.

Supplement Stacks Used for Cutting Fat

One of the fears that I usually hear about is a bad reaction to a supplement and it’s not laughing matter. Each and every year, there are many people who end up in the hospital, all because they used a bad combination of supplements that didn’t go together well. To help you make increasingly smart decisions about what you consume, here are supplements that are safe to use together when you need to lose weight. You’ll want to avoid any sort of supplements with a high fat content, as this will undo much of the work that goes into losing fat. Also, I would tend to avoid any supplement that will cause extra water retention. There is almost nothing worse than to think that your eating habits are to blame for an unflattering figure, when it was something out of your control.

Start with a thermogenic supplement, as these are great for speeding up your weight loss rate. By lightly raising your natural body temperature and metabolism, this is one effortless way to cut out that extra nagging weight. Not all thermogenic supplements are created equal, be sure you are getting what meets your weight loss goals. You don’t want to plan to only shed five to ten pounds to get beach ready and end up using something meant for the morbidly obese. Knowing your specific goals and finding a plan to meet them is paramount to your weight loss success.

Lastly, I find that glutamine is great for boosting your ability to lose fat, as it targets that part of the body. I used to always think that glutamine was meant to only speed up healing but that’s not all it can do. I’ve seen great results with using glutamine daily, I had previously thought that the fat loss was due to external factors but it was this product all along! When cutting weight, it’s important that you spend less time around weights and more time doing cardio. I, personally avoid cardio like a plague but sometimes it must be done. My advice for the exercise side of cutting weight is to start with exercises and a time frame that fits your schedule. When your workout plan is accomodating and not intrusive, you’ll stand a better likelihood of sticking to it, good luck!