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Do You Feel Like Maya at Treadmill Time?

How do you feel when it comes time to step up to the treadmill. If you are anything like Maya, this video might hit a little close to home. Maya is a golden retriever who was not very excited about stepping onto the treadmill. I love this video because I think that we can all relate to the look that Maya gives to the person filming her. I do have to say that most dogs I’ve seen wouldn’t even step near a treadmill. Good for you, Maya, you put the work in!

Have you been struggling to complete the full time on the treadmill lately? It is common for us all to feel those periods where we just don’t want to step onto that machine. If you’ve notice stagnant results lately, consider taking a day away from the treadmill. In addition, you could find that bringing someone along with you helps get treadmill time over faster. One of the main reasons I see many not love the treadmill is because they are simply bored out of their minds. Bring along a music player with you and watch how much faster the time goes by. On second thought, don’t watch the time. I’ve found that, being a compulsive clock watcher, this always makes time go by slower.

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I don’t know if there is anything cuter I will see today than Maya on a treadmill. You know that she is thinking about skipping that workout to go play fetch, I love it! I’ve always found golden retrievers to be one of the most beautiful dogs on the planet. Staying motivated can be hard sometimes. It is normal to feel a little beaten down every now and then. However, if you are anything like Maya, you can get through that workout to what is on the other side. For Maya, it looks like she is ready for a nice long nap with her owner!

If you would like to follow Maya on Twitter (and I highly suggest that you do) you can find her Instagram at @meetmaya and it is a wonderful account to read.