About Us

Why is motivation so important to me and why should it matter to anyone else? That’s a great question, I think that the most important personality trait that you can have is to be highly motivated. After all, can you picture how tough menial tasks would be if we never had any motivation. What I am noticing more of is that we all have different levels of motivation. You’ve seen those folks who are always going 100 miles per hour and can do anything that they are asked to do, along with a whole lot more. For the highly motivated, it seems like there is nothing that can ever slow them down. On the flipside, if you have trouble finding what motivates you, it isn’t as easy to keep up others, is it?
Don’t worry if you don’t know what it is that truly motivates you, it does take some time. I was about 24 before I realized what I wanted to do later in life, not everyone can know their dreams so early in life. There is actually an amazing list that I’ve seen floating around the internet that shows some great people didn’t find their true calling until they were well into their thirties and forties!
Needing to motivate yourself to find that change in life can be a bumpy path, full of hidden curves and exits. Don’t let the distance that it will take to achieve a dream stop you from doing it. Most of the time, when you are following whatever it is in life that you choose to, the time goes by much faster! That way, you can spend your life doing what you have a dream about and can let that time pass by, while you chase the goals that you so highly value.