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Three Great Methods for Muscle Building

If you aren’t noticing that it’s time to buy larger shirts yet, I’ve got you covered. I am going to show you three of the the best muscle building methods that are foolproof. Don’t follow another trend or fad, instead use information that has been proven to work for bodybuilders for ages!

1. Weight Training – This is the king of all muscle building methods. You aren’t going to be building much muscle without some form of training. If you can’t afford an expensive gym membership or a home gym setup, it’s all good! You can easily buy a pair of resistance bands and do some at-home training on the cheap. In addition, dips are one of the best exercises for your arms and you don’t even need weight.

2. Tracking Your Food – Food tracking isn’t going to be quite as exciting as lifting weights but it still needs to be done if you want to build muscle. Protein is essentially a building block in the journey to attain more mass. It is 2017, you don’t need to go stock up on a bunch of notebook and pens. There are many smartphone apps that will track your food for you. I personally use one where all I have to do is enter the name of the food I plan on eating and it lets me place it into my day. There are times when an app won’t be able to find the food that you wanted. However, you can generally check nutritional information for just about every food on the internet. The one area where the food tracking gets me is when I am cooking. There are times when I am trying to add ingredients to make dinner and add them in the app at the same time. Thankfully, I have never dropped my smartphone in a hot pan!

3. Supplements – If all else fails, you could have a nutritional imbalance that needs to be corrected. Don’t worry, there is a supplement available for just about anything these days. However, finding the best muscle building supplements can prove difficult. If you really want to build muscle, I recommend looking for a good creatine supplement. Taking creatine before, during, or after a workout have all been shown as beneficial ways to build more muscle. I’ve been using a stockpile of supplements that I’ve had for a while which means I’m not quite sure what the latest and greatest is. However, I usually use the guy in the video below as a guide for what supplements to try next.

Viral Video Presents Husband Learning New Exercise

Sometimes, guys have to admit that we have it pretty easy. In most cases, no guy is ever going to have to feel what it is like to workout while pregnant. Well, almost every guy will never know that feeling, except for a few. One man recently setup an experiment to see what it would feel like to exercise while pregnant. I feel that exercising while pregnant is something that should be done if absolutely necessary. I suppose if the person knows what they are doing, exercising while being pregnant is alright. However, I truly hope that every expectant mother does not go overboard on working out during these nine months.

It isn’t easy for men to understand how difficult it can be to exercise while pregnant. One husband decided that he was going to see how bad these workouts really are. Someone thought it would a good idea to tie a 14 pound weight to man while he worked out. Luckily, there were no injuries or incidents that happened during this experiment. The entire thing was even filmed by someone else at the gym. I highly recommend watching this hilarious video, as it really paints a picture of what pregnant women go through. I couldn’t imagine trying to do a workout with 14 extra pounds of weight attached to me the entire time.

The husband who did this experiment did it because he wanted to know what it would be like to exercise while pregnant. After watching the video, I don’t think that this man will be trying that experiment again anytime soon. I do have to applaud the man in this video for being so brave. Most husbands, including me, wouldn’t have even attempted to train with that much extra weight on them. I am just glad that this guy didn’t pull any muscles in his back while attempting this experiment.

It is quite humorous to watch this poor husband try to keep up with his gym buddies. The next time that I groan about having to workout, I’ll think about this hilarious video. Watching the man jump over the hurdles was my favorite part of the video. Another great part of this video is watching the ease at which the pregnant wife can handle her exercises. The husband’s friends have to do their best to hide their smiles. I am sure that all parties in this video had a great time. Also, this video shows just how tough pregnant women are to endure a full workout.

I have always admired the dedication and carefulness that pregnant women endure. I always figured that it must prove difficult to always carry extra weight with you. However, I hadn’t previously thought of what pregnant women deal with just to workout. I applaud all pregnant women who go to the gym. After seeing the video of a husband trying to keep up with his pregnant wife at the gym, I am amazed at what women go through. If you haven’t seen this video, I highly suggest that you check it out. Women will be able to see how challenging it is to train while being pregnant. Men can watch this video and have a newfound respect for all that women go through. I think everyone reading this and watching this video should go and give their mothers a random thank you call!

No Time for Fitness? Try During Commercials!

Most of us love watching television. I guess that I am showing a bit of a dated response here but the fact remains that people love watching media. Whether you prefer the television or binging your favorite show on Netflix, you can include fitness into your couch potato habits. The recent craze of HIIT training research has shown us that is perfectly possible to effectively workout in only one minute. Now, let me take a moment to say that this is not the case with bodybuilding. If you are wanting to have the perfect body, you will need to spend a lot of time in the gym. For the average person, the finding that you can get enough exercise in sixty seconds are true. If you can get fit in only sixty seconds, what kind of life little pauses could you use to sneak in a full workout?
One instance of waiting in life that we all hate is the dreaded commercial break. Television companies need those commercials to keep the lights on so we may as well get used to it. That doesn’t mean that you can’t bust out a set or two of push ups while you are waiting. Enjoy the quick boost of dopamine that your brain releases from exercise when your new show comes back on. Don’t blame me if you start to develop a mild hatred for commercial breaks!
A second break in life that you can use to squeeze out exercise in would be when you are starting the computer. We all know that even the newest machines need a little time to fully get started up. Maybe you’ve got a new game in your hands that is waiting to be played or a new Blu-Ray you want to watch. No matter what the reason is, sneaking in a few lunges and jumping jacks while you wait will make the process go by faster.
The third little pause in life we all know about is waiting for a meal to finish. I’m not much of a cook so am no stranger to the frozen dinner. If I have waited too long to begin eating, I’ll notice that those two minutes to warm up a burrito can go on forever. I like to make myself feel better about my microwave meal by squeezing in push ups and sit ups while I wait for my meal to finish cooking. You can even utilize a quick workout during that annoying time that you have to wait for the food to cool. Did you know that those times to let the most microwavable food stand is because it’s still cooking, even after the microwave is off?

Working out isn’t for everyone but if you use HIIT type training you can accomplish it a lot faster. There are annoying little breaks in life that we all must face. If you are not accustomed to exercising, you could benefit greatly from exercising during those annoying minute long breaks in life. Many times, you can create a type of game with yourself to see if you can get more reps than what you did in previous times. I’ve even heard of people squeezing their few minutes of exercise into their pre-bedtime ritual. When I exercise, it energizes me so I can not exercise before bed, no matter what.

Choosing the Right Workout Shorts: What to Look For

Each time that you step into the gym, you want to look your best. Another growing concern is that what they wear to workout in does provide some function. I’m going to detail some critical gym situations and why picking the right attire is so important. The first aspect to take care of, when purchasing new workout shorts is that they fit correctly. Many people seem to confuse something that fits well as being too tight, you certainly don’t want that. I’ve worked out in shorts that were too tight and it can really be a painful situation.

Certain lifts will have you wearing a specially made weightlifting belt which is already tight on the stomach. Once you tighten a belt on top of shorts that may be fitted too tightly, you can really cause your stomach to be in quite a bit of pain. In addition, having too much restriction on your stomach can actually impair your ability to draw deeper breaths. If there is one thing during training that you don’t want to leave you, it is your breath. Having shorts that are too restrictive can have your endurance plummeting, simply because you aren’t able to effectively get a full breath. When we exercise, our bodies require needing more air to be effectively circulated throughout our lungs so that we can work as hard as we need to. Having shorts that are too tight might have you feeling confident but it could put a big damper on your exercise results.

On the other hand, having shorts that you can barely keep up can be embarrassing to deal with. Wearing exercise shorts that are too baggy won’t just look bad, it could have you end up getting told to leave the workout center. Not just the risk of losing your membership, ill fitting shorts could leave you hung up on equipment, creating a dangerous environment for everyone around you. Most workout shorts, at least the good ones, will feature some sort of stretchy material that allows for a suitable fit for most body types. I particularly enjoy the workout shorts that feature string, allowing the shorts to be tied at various widths.

It is always recommended that you choose shorts that feature one or multiple pockets. Of course, you don’t want a lot of distractions when you train but pockets are great for holding items you don’t want to leave behind. Having a cell phone in the gym is a widely debated event but most will need their phone to play music on. I’m guilty of taking my phone just about everywhere I go and the gym is no exception. The good news is that most workout pants or shorts are very cost-effective. Sometimes, you can find deals where multiple pairs of shorts are on sale for a better price than buying them separately. Black is always a classic color to go with, as it isn’t going to be a distraction for other people exercising. However, the fun of getting your exercise gear ready is that you control what you wear. As long as you follow the rules that are specific to your gym, choosing what you wear to exercise in can be a great source of fun and creativity. Selecting workout shorts that fit you well, have pockets, and aren’t a distraction should be what you’ll want to be on the lookout for.

What to Do When Life Won’t Relent

As I sit here, thinking of what I was going to say this week, I received some personal news. I won’t give away too many details but it’s a bad illness and it’s happening to a family member. It’s amazing how one item of bad news can instantly wreck an entire week of progress but here I am. In life, we all must sometimes have to deal with bad moments. How we choose to handle the adversity that we come across is up to us. I had really struggled with deciding if I wanted to talk about this or leave the laptop until I felt like writing. However, we can’t let life dictate what we do and how we do it. Sometimes, you will make a decision that leaves your stomach in knots. Other times, you will be faced with a decision without knowing the outcome until days later.

In these times, this is where the mind loves to throw all kinds of hypothetical situations at you, don’t let it. Worrying over things that you have no control over will never help you, take it from someone who did for 30 years. Another piece of advice I have is to let go of grudges. Most of the time, the other party has no idea what the grudge was about and you’ll end up feeling like an idiot. Life might be short but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start living the one you should be today. It’s important that we never get so caught up in our worlds that we forget to let other people into ours. It might feel great to write someone out of life but it can come back to bite you. If someone is holding you back and is genuinely a bad influence, that is another story. However, too often people write off family and friends, over silly squabbles that are meaningless.

worry relief

At first, you go a few days without talking to that person and you become used it. Before you know it, five years has gone by and that relationship has soured to a point that is beyond repair. I’ll tell you this, swallowing your pride for five minutes is much easier than carrying a grudge forever, those things can get heavy! One of the best pieces of advice I ever got actually came in the form of an argument with my wife, as odd as that sounds. We were going through a rough patch, as is normal in the first year of marriage. Beyond the usual storm of cursing that we would have, she had told me that I always shut myself off from the world. I was taken aback by her comment, immediately shrugging it off but it got to me. After we had patched things up, I was still thinking about the words that she had said earlier. As I began to do an inventory over the people that I had talked in the last month, I found out there weren’t many.

Plans I had let carry over into the next weekend turned into things that never happened. My way to motivate you this week is by telling you to reach out. Whether it be a family member you haven’t spoken to, a friend that you blew off once too many times, whatever your situation is, just reach out to someone. I’ve been where you are now and it isn’t a good way to live, it will catch up with you. Take a few minutes out of your day and call someone you haven’t in a while. At first, you will feel nervous and hate me for telling you to do this, that’s okay. I promise, by reaching out to one person today that you previously shut out, you will feel much better.

Supplement Stacks Used for Cutting Fat

One of the fears that I usually hear about is a bad reaction to a supplement and it’s not laughing matter. Each and every year, there are many people who end up in the hospital, all because they used a bad combination of supplements that didn’t go together well. To help you make increasingly smart decisions about what you consume, here are supplements that are safe to use together when you need to lose weight. You’ll want to avoid any sort of supplements with a high fat content, as this will undo much of the work that goes into losing fat. Also, I would tend to avoid any supplement that will cause extra water retention. There is almost nothing worse than to think that your eating habits are to blame for an unflattering figure, when it was something out of your control.

Start with a thermogenic supplement, as these are great for speeding up your weight loss rate. By lightly raising your natural body temperature and metabolism, this is one effortless way to cut out that extra nagging weight. Not all thermogenic supplements are created equal, be sure you are getting what meets your weight loss goals. You don’t want to plan to only shed five to ten pounds to get beach ready and end up using something meant for the morbidly obese. Knowing your specific goals and finding a plan to meet them is paramount to your weight loss success.

Lastly, I find that glutamine is great for boosting your ability to lose fat, as it targets that part of the body. I used to always think that glutamine was meant to only speed up healing but that’s not all it can do. I’ve seen great results with using glutamine daily, I had previously thought that the fat loss was due to external factors but it was this product all along! When cutting weight, it’s important that you spend less time around weights and more time doing cardio. I, personally avoid cardio like a plague but sometimes it must be done. My advice for the exercise side of cutting weight is to start with exercises and a time frame that fits your schedule. When your workout plan is accomodating and not intrusive, you’ll stand a better likelihood of sticking to it, good luck!


Tips to Becoming A Kinder Fitness Club Member

I wanted to set aside some time, after my most recent outing to the gym, to talk about some annoyances that I’ve been seeing. I never try to judge anyone and am not mad at the offenders I saw this weekend, just wanted to call to attention some habits that need breaking, once you are in a public exercise center.

Number One: Keeping the Phone Use to a Minimum
It should go without saying but unless you are skipping a song or it is an emergency, the phone doesn’t need to be out while you are in the training area. If you want to take an amazing post-workout seflie, save it for a space that won’t be bothering anyone else. Remember that gyms are places where the people there are putting in every amount of blood, sweat, and tears that they have. I try to be someone of a level demeanor but that all changes if I just failed a lift. I want to fly off the handle when I am needing to get to the next workout machine, only to find that I have to put my day on hold because an idiot wants to take another picture for his/her Instagram. I might be griping but I am not naive, I know that people start getting anxiety when they are away from their phones, so I know that seeing them all put up will be highly unlikely.
Number Two: Being a Know It All
I’ve always found that there is only one reason to give unsolicited advice in the gym and that is because someone is about to seriously hurt themselves. I’m talking a situation where someone has no idea what they are doing and your advice could save them from getting crushed. If someone comes up to you and asks for advice, that is a totally different situation. In the rare times that I found myself at the gym, with only one or two others around, I have fallen prey to getting my ear talked off my the gym know it all. Normally, I am a guy that is pretty tough to get shaken up, it takes a lot to really make me mad. However, after dealing with someone who thought he was the world’s gift to weightlifting (even though he was smaller than me), I could only take so much. After he didn’t get the hints that I was not really wanting to talk, I had to get assertive. I would never inflict physical violence on someone, without being provoked, so I had to take another route. With strong but kind words, suggesting that he needs to let me finish the workout the way I want, he left and that was the last time he came to me to tell me what I was doing wrong!
Number Three: Too Much Sitting
I get it, you’ve just blasted your chest muscles and you need a minute or two to recover. We aren’t all born with superhuman endurance, when we lift a lot it is vital that we rest for a minute. Where the resting issue occurs with me is when that sitting is on equipment that others need to use, leaving us with wasted time that we did nothing to cause. Consider the next time that you need to rest, you do it in an area that isn’t filled with people trying to workout, just like you.

Celebrating Manohar Aich’s Amazing Life

Living to an old age is an event that I think a large majority of us want to end up celebrating. For one man in India, he was one of the oldest living men around. As so many think about, it was often wondered what attributed to the length of life that Manohar had. With the average life expectancy in the 70’s, to see that someone can reach triple digits, it makes us all have something to aspire to reach. To understand part of why Manohar was able to enjoy such an amazing life, it all started with a hobby of his. In his homeland, Manohar quickly took to the sport of weightlifting and it seemed to be a great match because he excelled at it! Soon enough, Manohar would begin to attend competitions and was winning quite a few of them. As the wins continued to happen, Aich was making quite the name for himself!

What made Manohar especially unique was his height, as he was only four feet and eleven inches tall. How tall he stood did not matter because he of how strong he was, everyone paid him the proper respect that he deserved. Known as the Pocket Hercules, this bodybuilding champion would even go on to reach the highest of heights when he won the Mr. Universe contest in the 50’s. Inspiring those who didn’t stand as tall as the others, Manohar was an inspiration to many people across his home country of India. Even standing up to tension that was commonly associated with older times, Manohar found himself jailed for a brief time in his life. Determined to rise above anything that stood in his way, Manohar would continue to use his situation as an inspiration to keep training, no matter what. As we previously learned, the hard work and continuation to not give up gave Manohar a reward when he was crowned as a bodybuilding champion. For many that stood side by side on stage with Manohar in the year of 1952, some self-confidence that those men had probably started to falter when the saw who they were standing side by side against! While there were other Indian competitors that set their sights on winning bodybuilding medals, and many would do just that, some had a place in their hearts for Manohar that time could not replace. Watching Manohar win his medals and seeing how proud he was is a joy to watch.

Watching Aich flex so proudly also shows that it doesn’t matter how tall you stand and that even shorter people can do anything else that the taller ones can. In different places around the world, there are top bodybuilding champions that we can all see as inspirations. I would have to say that, in America, our hero is going to either be Coleman or Schwarzenegger but that’s just what I would assume. True heroes can push us beyond what boundaries that we thought would be unimaginable, all in order to become a better person than we were yesterday. Finding that true inspiring figure could be all that you need to push past those old limitation that you have set for yourself. I know that hundreds of thousands of people looked up to Manohar Aich as a hero. Aich’s legacy will never be forgotten and I am sure that he will be an inspiration for the rest of time.

The Wild History of Ico Pro

Bodybuilding has been a sport that is almost as old as time. Way back when, people in older times than the ones we live in now didn’t have great physiques so that they could post them up on Facebook or Twitter, our ancestors were in shape because they had to be. If you see old statues that have men and women appear on them that look like they have no body fat, it is because there were many athletic events. Let’s fast forward quite a bit, to the decade of the 1990s and the sport of professional wrestling, which was in a turbulent time. With allegations of steroid use and the legitimacy of the sport in question, the CEO of WWE (which was WWF at the time), Vince McMahon wanted to spice up the same old wrestling program that fans had seen each week, he wanted to build something new, which would be a bodybuilding organization. It makes sense, Vince had already started to take over the world of professional wrestling. Both being sports that are all about conditioning, the jump to the world of bodybuilding was going to be an interesting one but Vince had some great potential competitors, as he employed many different wrestlers, many of whom looked like they just stepped off of a Muscle and Fitness photoshoot. It should come as no surprise that Vince began heavily promoting this new federation of bodybuilders on his own television programming, Monday Night Raw.

At the time, Vince McMahon was appearing regularly on Monday Night Raw as an announcer, unbeknownst to many in the 90’s, McMahon was the person who owned the company but that wasn’t as well known as it is now, with the age of the internet. With the mind that has taken his business to the top of the food chain, it seemed to be for sure that we were going to start seeing professional wrestlers stand right alongside our favorite bodybuilders. Apparently, there was even talks about a pay per view event being put on for Ico Pro, I don’t know how many of us would pay to watch other people pose but that’s just me. Before he started regularly appearing as an in-ring competitor, later on in the decade, Vince McMahon was in incredible shape, another reason he had so much drive to see Ico Pro become a successful bodybuilding federation.

I can’t say for sure what happened, in the end, but Ico Pro would not become the juggernaut that everyone had such high hopes for. What is important to remember is that professional wrestling was in a very tough time, throughout the mid 90’s. For one, the sport had really started to tank in popularity and an attitude shift was starting to take place that would see the entire sport get flipped on it’s head, with storylines becoming more real and edgier. If professional wrestling had been under the levels of popularity that it would be in the upcoming years, perhaps Ico Pro would still be around today. Even though we never got to see Ico Pro take off, McMahon had outlasted his other big rival, WCW and actually bought his rival in 2001. Vince has seen his father’s wrestling company handed to him and he has done amazing things for the sport, ever since that fateful moment.

Fastest Ways to Pack on Extra Muscle

Are you needing to do more to get what you want out of your weightlifting? I know that I have suffered from muscle that never seemed to want to grow, it took much soul searching to find out what I was doing wrong. After correcting my past mistakes, I would soon find my strength was really impressing me. I could now see that I could become one of those people who actually got a lot out of lifting weights, not just someone who tries it for a couple of weeks and stops. One tip I learned was from an old workout buddy to taught me how to add a little more power to my arm workouts, which was done by stopping at the top of the lift.

I thought that my old friend was a fool as he explained what he had been doing to get such massive arms but, once I heard him, I knew I had to try it for myself. After ten years of always holding the weight at the top of the movement, I can tell you personally that it will grow your arms. It isn’t often said, but having patience is an important part of gaining muscle. I’d love to tell you that there is some sort of magic trick you could do and instantly have muscles everywhere but that just isn’t the truth. Be prepared to put in longer hours, at first it will seem like your training is a second job that you never signed up for. However, once you are able to start seeing the improvements in your life, both mentally and physically, you will be mad when you don’t get to lift. Take it from someone who has been working out for a while, what seems hard today will become a breeze within a few weeks time, stick with it! I always tell those who haven’t spent a lot of time in the gym that those first couple of weeks will be the hardest. You will be more sore than you thought was possible and coming back to do it all over again will seem like something only a crazy person would do. If you vow not to become a quitter, have some discipline, and always strive to do your best, the muscle will follow with it!