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Celebrating Manohar Aich’s Amazing Life

Living to an old age is an event that I think a large majority of us want to end up celebrating. For one man in India, he was one of the oldest living men around. As so many think about, it was often wondered what attributed to the length of life that Manohar had. With the average life expectancy in the 70’s, to see that someone can reach triple digits, it makes us all have something to aspire to reach. To understand part of why Manohar was able to enjoy such an amazing life, it all started with a hobby of his. In his homeland, Manohar quickly took to the sport of weightlifting and it seemed to be a great match because he excelled at it! Soon enough, Manohar would begin to attend competitions and was winning quite a few of them. As the wins continued to happen, Aich was making quite the name for himself!

What made Manohar especially unique was his height, as he was only four feet and eleven inches tall. How tall he stood did not matter because he of how strong he was, everyone paid him the proper respect that he deserved. Known as the Pocket Hercules, this bodybuilding champion would even go on to reach the highest of heights when he won the Mr. Universe contest in the 50’s. Inspiring those who didn’t stand as tall as the others, Manohar was an inspiration to many people across his home country of India. Even standing up to tension that was commonly associated with older times, Manohar found himself jailed for a brief time in his life. Determined to rise above anything that stood in his way, Manohar would continue to use his situation as an inspiration to keep training, no matter what. As we previously learned, the hard work and continuation to not give up gave Manohar a reward when he was crowned as a bodybuilding champion. For many that stood side by side on stage with Manohar in the year of 1952, some self-confidence that those men had probably started to falter when the saw who they were standing side by side against! While there were other Indian competitors that set their sights on winning bodybuilding medals, and many would do just that, some had a place in their hearts for Manohar that time could not replace. Watching Manohar win his medals and seeing how proud he was is a joy to watch.

Watching Aich flex so proudly also shows that it doesn’t matter how tall you stand and that even shorter people can do anything else that the taller ones can. In different places around the world, there are top bodybuilding champions that we can all see as inspirations. I would have to say that, in America, our hero is going to either be Coleman or Schwarzenegger but that’s just what I would assume. True heroes can push us beyond what boundaries that we thought would be unimaginable, all in order to become a better person than we were yesterday. Finding that true inspiring figure could be all that you need to push past those old limitation that you have set for yourself. I know that hundreds of thousands of people looked up to Manohar Aich as a hero. Aich’s legacy will never be forgotten and I am sure that he will be an inspiration for the rest of time.