Viral Video Presents Husband Learning New Exercise

Sometimes, guys have to admit that we have it pretty easy. In most cases, no guy is ever going to have to feel what it is like to workout while pregnant. Well, almost every guy will never know that feeling, except for a few. One man recently setup an experiment to see what it would feel like to exercise while pregnant. I feel that exercising while pregnant is something that should be done if absolutely necessary. I suppose if the person knows what they are doing, exercising while being pregnant is alright. However, I truly hope that every expectant mother does not go overboard on working out during these nine months.

It isn’t easy for men to understand how difficult it can be to exercise while pregnant. One husband decided that he was going to see how bad these workouts really are. Someone thought it would a good idea to tie a 14 pound weight to man while he worked out. Luckily, there were no injuries or incidents that happened during this experiment. The entire thing was even filmed by someone else at the gym. I highly recommend watching this hilarious video, as it really paints a picture of what pregnant women go through. I couldn’t imagine trying to do a workout with 14 extra pounds of weight attached to me the entire time.

The husband who did this experiment did it because he wanted to know what it would be like to exercise while pregnant. After watching the video, I don’t think that this man will be trying that experiment again anytime soon. I do have to applaud the man in this video for being so brave. Most husbands, including me, wouldn’t have even attempted to train with that much extra weight on them. I am just glad that this guy didn’t pull any muscles in his back while attempting this experiment.

It is quite humorous to watch this poor husband try to keep up with his gym buddies. The next time that I groan about having to workout, I’ll think about this hilarious video. Watching the man jump over the hurdles was my favorite part of the video. Another great part of this video is watching the ease at which the pregnant wife can handle her exercises. The husband’s friends have to do their best to hide their smiles. I am sure that all parties in this video had a great time. Also, this video shows just how tough pregnant women are to endure a full workout.

I have always admired the dedication and carefulness that pregnant women endure. I always figured that it must prove difficult to always carry extra weight with you. However, I hadn’t previously thought of what pregnant women deal with just to workout. I applaud all pregnant women who go to the gym. After seeing the video of a husband trying to keep up with his pregnant wife at the gym, I am amazed at what women go through. If you haven’t seen this video, I highly suggest that you check it out. Women will be able to see how challenging it is to train while being pregnant. Men can watch this video and have a newfound respect for all that women go through. I think everyone reading this and watching this video should go and give their mothers a random thank you call!

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