Three Great Methods for Muscle Building

If you aren’t noticing that it’s time to buy larger shirts yet, I’ve got you covered. I am going to show you three of the the best muscle building methods that are foolproof. Don’t follow another trend or fad, instead use information that has been proven to work for bodybuilders for ages!

1. Weight Training – This is the king of all muscle building methods. You aren’t going to be building much muscle without some form of training. If you can’t afford an expensive gym membership or a home gym setup, it’s all good! You can easily buy a pair of resistance bands and do some at-home training on the cheap. In addition, dips are one of the best exercises for your arms and you don’t even need weight.

2. Tracking Your Food – Food tracking isn’t going to be quite as exciting as lifting weights but it still needs to be done if you want to build muscle. Protein is essentially a building block in the journey to attain more mass. It is 2017, you don’t need to go stock up on a bunch of notebook and pens. There are many smartphone apps that will track your food for you. I personally use one where all I have to do is enter the name of the food I plan on eating and it lets me place it into my day. There are times when an app won’t be able to find the food that you wanted. However, you can generally check nutritional information for just about every food on the internet. The one area where the food tracking gets me is when I am cooking. There are times when I am trying to add ingredients to make dinner and add them in the app at the same time. Thankfully, I have never dropped my smartphone in a hot pan!

3. Supplements – If all else fails, you could have a nutritional imbalance that needs to be corrected. Don’t worry, there is a supplement available for just about anything these days. However, finding the best muscle building supplements can prove difficult. If you really want to build muscle, I recommend looking for a good creatine supplement. Taking creatine before, during, or after a workout have all been shown as beneficial ways to build more muscle. I’ve been using a stockpile of supplements that I’ve had for a while which means I’m not quite sure what the latest and greatest is. However, I usually use the guy in the video below as a guide for what supplements to try next.

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