Celebrating Manohar Aich’s Amazing Life

Living to an old age is an event that I think a large majority of us want to end up celebrating. For one man in India, he was one of the oldest living men around. As so many think about, it was often wondered what attributed to the length of life that Manohar had. With the average life expectancy in the 70’s, to see that someone can reach triple digits, it makes us all have something to aspire to reach. To understand part of why Manohar was able to enjoy such an amazing life, it all started with a hobby of his. In his homeland, Manohar quickly took to the sport of weightlifting and it seemed to be a great match because he excelled at it! Soon enough, Manohar would begin to attend competitions and was winning quite a few of them. As the wins continued to happen, Aich was making quite the name for himself!

What made Manohar especially unique was his height, as he was only four feet and eleven inches tall. How tall he stood did not matter because he of how strong he was, everyone paid him the proper respect that he deserved. Known as the Pocket Hercules, this bodybuilding champion would even go on to reach the highest of heights when he won the Mr. Universe contest in the 50’s. Inspiring those who didn’t stand as tall as the others, Manohar was an inspiration to many people across his home country of India. Even standing up to tension that was commonly associated with older times, Manohar found himself jailed for a brief time in his life. Determined to rise above anything that stood in his way, Manohar would continue to use his situation as an inspiration to keep training, no matter what. As we previously learned, the hard work and continuation to not give up gave Manohar a reward when he was crowned as a bodybuilding champion. For many that stood side by side on stage with Manohar in the year of 1952, some self-confidence that those men had probably started to falter when the saw who they were standing side by side against! While there were other Indian competitors that set their sights on winning bodybuilding medals, and many would do just that, some had a place in their hearts for Manohar that time could not replace. Watching Manohar win his medals and seeing how proud he was is a joy to watch.

Watching Aich flex so proudly also shows that it doesn’t matter how tall you stand and that even shorter people can do anything else that the taller ones can. In different places around the world, there are top bodybuilding champions that we can all see as inspirations. I would have to say that, in America, our hero is going to either be Coleman or Schwarzenegger but that’s just what I would assume. True heroes can push us beyond what boundaries that we thought would be unimaginable, all in order to become a better person than we were yesterday. Finding that true inspiring figure could be all that you need to push past those old limitation that you have set for yourself. I know that hundreds of thousands of people looked up to Manohar Aich as a hero. Aich’s legacy will never be forgotten and I am sure that he will be an inspiration for the rest of time.

The Wild History of Ico Pro

Bodybuilding has been a sport that is almost as old as time. Way back when, people in older times than the ones we live in now didn’t have great physiques so that they could post them up on Facebook or Twitter, our ancestors were in shape because they had to be. If you see old statues that have men and women appear on them that look like they have no body fat, it is because there were many athletic events. Let’s fast forward quite a bit, to the decade of the 1990s and the sport of professional wrestling, which was in a turbulent time. With allegations of steroid use and the legitimacy of the sport in question, the CEO of WWE (which was WWF at the time), Vince McMahon wanted to spice up the same old wrestling program that fans had seen each week, he wanted to build something new, which would be a bodybuilding organization. It makes sense, Vince had already started to take over the world of professional wrestling. Both being sports that are all about conditioning, the jump to the world of bodybuilding was going to be an interesting one but Vince had some great potential competitors, as he employed many different wrestlers, many of whom looked like they just stepped off of a Muscle and Fitness photoshoot. It should come as no surprise that Vince began heavily promoting this new federation of bodybuilders on his own television programming, Monday Night Raw.

At the time, Vince McMahon was appearing regularly on Monday Night Raw as an announcer, unbeknownst to many in the 90’s, McMahon was the person who owned the company but that wasn’t as well known as it is now, with the age of the internet. With the mind that has taken his business to the top of the food chain, it seemed to be for sure that we were going to start seeing professional wrestlers stand right alongside our favorite bodybuilders. Apparently, there was even talks about a pay per view event being put on for Ico Pro, I don’t know how many of us would pay to watch other people pose but that’s just me. Before he started regularly appearing as an in-ring competitor, later on in the decade, Vince McMahon was in incredible shape, another reason he had so much drive to see Ico Pro become a successful bodybuilding federation.

I can’t say for sure what happened, in the end, but Ico Pro would not become the juggernaut that everyone had such high hopes for. What is important to remember is that professional wrestling was in a very tough time, throughout the mid 90’s. For one, the sport had really started to tank in popularity and an attitude shift was starting to take place that would see the entire sport get flipped on it’s head, with storylines becoming more real and edgier. If professional wrestling had been under the levels of popularity that it would be in the upcoming years, perhaps Ico Pro would still be around today. Even though we never got to see Ico Pro take off, McMahon had outlasted his other big rival, WCW and actually bought his rival in 2001. Vince has seen his father’s wrestling company handed to him and he has done amazing things for the sport, ever since that fateful moment.

Fastest Ways to Pack on Extra Muscle

Are you needing to do more to get what you want out of your weightlifting? I know that I have suffered from muscle that never seemed to want to grow, it took much soul searching to find out what I was doing wrong. After correcting my past mistakes, I would soon find my strength was really impressing me. I could now see that I could become one of those people who actually got a lot out of lifting weights, not just someone who tries it for a couple of weeks and stops. One tip I learned was from an old workout buddy to taught me how to add a little more power to my arm workouts, which was done by stopping at the top of the lift.

I thought that my old friend was a fool as he explained what he had been doing to get such massive arms but, once I heard him, I knew I had to try it for myself. After ten years of always holding the weight at the top of the movement, I can tell you personally that it will grow your arms. It isn’t often said, but having patience is an important part of gaining muscle. I’d love to tell you that there is some sort of magic trick you could do and instantly have muscles everywhere but that just isn’t the truth. Be prepared to put in longer hours, at first it will seem like your training is a second job that you never signed up for. However, once you are able to start seeing the improvements in your life, both mentally and physically, you will be mad when you don’t get to lift. Take it from someone who has been working out for a while, what seems hard today will become a breeze within a few weeks time, stick with it! I always tell those who haven’t spent a lot of time in the gym that those first couple of weeks will be the hardest. You will be more sore than you thought was possible and coming back to do it all over again will seem like something only a crazy person would do. If you vow not to become a quitter, have some discipline, and always strive to do your best, the muscle will follow with it!

Making the Most out of Bad Days

Usually, the main reason that people want to become more motivated is because they are faced with a situation that is not good. Life is made up of situations, in which it is easy for us to feel like we are in over our heads. If you have surrounded yourself with a task that you enjoy doing, you will feel excitement. For most of us, if the overwhelming tasks that are surrounding your head are ones that come from living life, you likely feel more stress than excitement. About four years ago, I found myself in my own bad times and I thought I would never make it out. Finally, after being so fed up with a life that was turning into a mundane routine of events, I set out to change it.

Being in a bad place, whatever that looks like for you, always has a walkway out of it, it is just finding that path that becomes the toughest part. Are you someone that has a bad morning, maybe a near fender bender on the highway and then take all of those emotions with you, the entire day? While I can’t advise not letting a bad event go, I know from experience that it can put a damper on your whole day. Something that I learned from a very wise man is to find the good, even in the worst of days. The next time that you start your morning off with spilled coffee clothes and a presentation that you are nervous about, take a moment and focus on what makes you happy.

a happier you

It seems like a weird time to be so thankful, as your are stressed out and on your way to work but those times are when this kind of thinking is best done. It is very easy for someone to be thankful in times where nothing is really going wrong. However, when the world has got you down, this is the optimal time to remind yourself just how good you have it. I used to be stuck in a job that was going nowhere, along with being in a program for a degree that I was starting to have second thoughts about completing. You see, it wasn’t other outside factors that were making me go crazy, it was the battles I was waging within myself. I had felt that I was out of place, being around other business students and didn’t know if I had what it took to really make it.

My coursework was starting to suffer and my exam grades weren’t looking great. To make things worse, this course was one of the last that I needed to take in order to receive a degree, needless to say, it was a time of very high tension in my life. I remember that things had gotten so point that, before the exam, I could barely even close my eyes to go sleep. I had tried everything I could to feel better about the next morning’s test. After taking a moment to assess just how stressed out I was making myself, I had to look at the situation objectively. I knew that, even if I made the worst test score in the class, it wasn’t like the world was going to end. I thought that it would be best if I tried to think positively and let the nerves not get the best of me that next day. As fate would have it, I would up doing far better on the test than I thought, both allowing me to pass the course and receive that degree that I had fought so hard to obtain.