Tips to Becoming A Kinder Fitness Club Member

I wanted to set aside some time, after my most recent outing to the gym, to talk about some annoyances that I’ve been seeing. I never try to judge anyone and am not mad at the offenders I saw this weekend, just wanted to call to attention some habits that need breaking, once you are in a public exercise center.

Number One: Keeping the Phone Use to a Minimum
It should go without saying but unless you are skipping a song or it is an emergency, the phone doesn’t need to be out while you are in the training area. If you want to take an amazing post-workout seflie, save it for a space that won’t be bothering anyone else. Remember that gyms are places where the people there are putting in every amount of blood, sweat, and tears that they have. I try to be someone of a level demeanor but that all changes if I just failed a lift. I want to fly off the handle when I am needing to get to the next workout machine, only to find that I have to put my day on hold because an idiot wants to take another picture for his/her Instagram. I might be griping but I am not naive, I know that people start getting anxiety when they are away from their phones, so I know that seeing them all put up will be highly unlikely.
Number Two: Being a Know It All
I’ve always found that there is only one reason to give unsolicited advice in the gym and that is because someone is about to seriously hurt themselves. I’m talking a situation where someone has no idea what they are doing and your advice could save them from getting crushed. If someone comes up to you and asks for advice, that is a totally different situation. In the rare times that I found myself at the gym, with only one or two others around, I have fallen prey to getting my ear talked off my the gym know it all. Normally, I am a guy that is pretty tough to get shaken up, it takes a lot to really make me mad. However, after dealing with someone who thought he was the world’s gift to weightlifting (even though he was smaller than me), I could only take so much. After he didn’t get the hints that I was not really wanting to talk, I had to get assertive. I would never inflict physical violence on someone, without being provoked, so I had to take another route. With strong but kind words, suggesting that he needs to let me finish the workout the way I want, he left and that was the last time he came to me to tell me what I was doing wrong!
Number Three: Too Much Sitting
I get it, you’ve just blasted your chest muscles and you need a minute or two to recover. We aren’t all born with superhuman endurance, when we lift a lot it is vital that we rest for a minute. Where the resting issue occurs with me is when that sitting is on equipment that others need to use, leaving us with wasted time that we did nothing to cause. Consider the next time that you need to rest, you do it in an area that isn’t filled with people trying to workout, just like you.

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