No Time for Fitness? Try During Commercials!

Most of us love watching television. I guess that I am showing a bit of a dated response here but the fact remains that people love watching media. Whether you prefer the television or binging your favorite show on Netflix, you can include fitness into your couch potato habits. The recent craze of HIIT training research has shown us that is perfectly possible to effectively workout in only one minute. Now, let me take a moment to say that this is not the case with bodybuilding. If you are wanting to have the perfect body, you will need to spend a lot of time in the gym. For the average person, the finding that you can get enough exercise in sixty seconds are true. If you can get fit in only sixty seconds, what kind of life little pauses could you use to sneak in a full workout?
One instance of waiting in life that we all hate is the dreaded commercial break. Television companies need those commercials to keep the lights on so we may as well get used to it. That doesn’t mean that you can’t bust out a set or two of push ups while you are waiting. Enjoy the quick boost of dopamine that your brain releases from exercise when your new show comes back on. Don’t blame me if you start to develop a mild hatred for commercial breaks!
A second break in life that you can use to squeeze out exercise in would be when you are starting the computer. We all know that even the newest machines need a little time to fully get started up. Maybe you’ve got a new game in your hands that is waiting to be played or a new Blu-Ray you want to watch. No matter what the reason is, sneaking in a few lunges and jumping jacks while you wait will make the process go by faster.
The third little pause in life we all know about is waiting for a meal to finish. I’m not much of a cook so am no stranger to the frozen dinner. If I have waited too long to begin eating, I’ll notice that those two minutes to warm up a burrito can go on forever. I like to make myself feel better about my microwave meal by squeezing in push ups and sit ups while I wait for my meal to finish cooking. You can even utilize a quick workout during that annoying time that you have to wait for the food to cool. Did you know that those times to let the most microwavable food stand is because it’s still cooking, even after the microwave is off?

Working out isn’t for everyone but if you use HIIT type training you can accomplish it a lot faster. There are annoying little breaks in life that we all must face. If you are not accustomed to exercising, you could benefit greatly from exercising during those annoying minute long breaks in life. Many times, you can create a type of game with yourself to see if you can get more reps than what you did in previous times. I’ve even heard of people squeezing their few minutes of exercise into their pre-bedtime ritual. When I exercise, it energizes me so I can not exercise before bed, no matter what.

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