Tips for Choosing the Right Mascara

The variety of mascara on the market is now countless. Every year, beauty labels compete to offer whiz products. On the positive side, consumers now have a more varied choice and can more freely experiment with makeup. But the negative, because too many products that need to be snooped, then the possibility to select the greater one. Therefore, before buying another new one, recognize your eyelash type, to know the right mascara.

Recognize Eyelash Form

The first tip before you decide to buy a mascara, you should first check your eyelashes. What is the shape, the thickness of the eyelashes, and how the end result you want to make for your eye makeup? You need to know if your eyelashes are thick and short, then you choose the liquid mascara that lengthens and flick. For eyelashes that are thick and long-wearing, any type is allowed but do not rub it over and over because it will give too heavy and unnatural effects. If your eyelashes are thin and long this is when deciding to buy mascara that gives volume and lengthening. But if your eyelashes are thin and short, then select a mascara that gives volume and flick and you can apply repeatedly to give a thicker effect. For more information, please visit semi-permanent mascara.

Recognize the Mascara Formula

The next tip, if you buy a mascara should be checked first whether the formula of the mascara. Mascara products can consist of non-smudging (not melted) because it is water-proof and non-clumping, which means it contains ingredients like silk extract and glycerin that make mascara not clot. If the mascara you choose is non-smudging, then this mascara will not easily fade when exposed to water or sweat. To clean it you should be more careful and use a special cleaner mascara non-smudging / waterproof. If you use non-clumping / anti-clot mascara, then you may wear it repeatedly.

Select Mascara Brush Shape as needed

The selection of mascara brushes is the next tips you need to look at next. The shape of the mascara brushes varies according to function. For the shape of a curved mascara brush, according to its shape, is used to give the lashes a lashes end result. For a straight and long mascara brush will also work the eyelash length. This form is suitable for you who have short eyelashes. As for the mascara brush is thick and solid course serves to increase the volume of eyelashes.

Select Color Mascara as needed

If the first mascara only tends to be black or brown, then mascara currently has a variety of colors that you can customize to your needs. Color mascara can be adjusted to the theme of makeup. If for makeup every day, you just use black mascara. Or if you do not want them too heavy effect on the eyes, you can use a clear mascara or clear mascara. As for the makeup party or the more complex, you can adjust the color or theme of your makeup.